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Superior Quality Products

Only the best, highest performing equipment is used in our systems.

Battery Ready Solar Systems

All of our solar systems use the latest battery technology to maximise your savings.

Over 10 years of Solar Experience

S.A.W. Solutiuons has been in the business of high quality solar for over 10 years.

S.A.W. Solutions has been a solar industry leader for over 10 years. We have a proven track record of successful residential and commercial projects ranging from 5kw residential systems to   massive commercial systems.


We offer a wide range of high, quality inverters and panels and all of our products come with industry leading warranties for your peace of mind and are installed by Clean Energy Council approved professionals.


The Australian Government is still offering massive incentives to both individuals and business who opt to install a solar system – up to $525 per kW installed. These incentives are slowly decreasing by about 7% each year and will be completely scrapped by 2031, so get in quick before you lose more savings!


Other than the benefits to your wallet, investing in a solar system also means investing in the future of our planet. Solar systems are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions. 


Solar power is the most widely used renewable energy source, and requires a much smaller set up cost than other renewable energies. Now you can save money whilst also helping the environment!

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Residential Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems

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